But the 750,000 euro question was finally over

But the 750,000 euro question was finally over

Overhang candidate Michaela Barisic, who im "Gambler special" who marched furiously through the question parkour up to 125,000 euros on Monday, did not let Jauch look into the cards at her second appearance either. Her brother answered the question about the quarter of a million about the most successful film of all time in terms of box office earnings. And although he was not entirely sure either, the mother of two did not hesitate for a second in the film "Avatar" to log in. To be on the safe side, use a joker, Barisic blared with the words "I still need that" from. "Or you can take it home with you"the moderator teased.

A poem for Günther Jauch

But the 750,000 euro question was finally over. The question of a maximum weight of 25 grams for A) a standard letter from Deutsche Post, B) a dart, C) the Nuremberg Rostbratwurst or D) a troy ounce of gold stumbled the risky candidate.

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Barisic preferred to take the 250,000 euros, for which she ultimately had to "20 years of work". Before that, however, she delighted a visibly relieved Günther Jauch with a long, memorized WWM poem that put a big grin on the face of the popular guessing master.

And with that said goodbye "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" again for a few weeks. The next broadcast date is the end of February.

Sources used:"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"Broadcast on January 18, 2019

Fortune cookies, customs and the admission of a break-in: Günther Jauch brings the old year to a close with a New Year’s Eve special. And this special has it all!

At the turn of the year, Günther Jauch gathers candidates from all over the world in his WWM studio: Mexico, Macedonia, Afghanistan, America and, and, and. On New Year’s Eve there are not only a lot of customs, but also good wishes for the New Year, including from Israel, where the show "especially with the older age groups" is extremely popular.

The moderator receives warm greetings from the 87-year-old, very sprightly viewer Miriam Blumenreich-Fiegel, who, switched to the show, thanks for his visit. Jauch tells the anecdote of this very special flying visit wonderfully nonchalantly. So he wanted to surprise the old lady, who knew nothing about his visit. The problem: the garden gate jammed. So the sporty Günther quickly climbed over the garden fence, stood under the window and said: "Hello, this is Günther Jauch." It is understandable that the WWM fan considered this to be completely outrageous and the showmaster for a burglar.

"We eat fortune cookies all evening"

"We eat fortune cookies all evening", says Jauch, when every candidate who lands in his chair that evening brings a typical New Year’s Eve snack with him from his country. Mazdak Saberi from Lüneburg hands him a Macedonian cake in which a coin is baked that is supposed to bring good luck. The business administration student is so excited that he promptly forgets what he is studying. Compared to other programs, the atmosphere is extremely relaxed and the anchorman is really in the mood for compliments.

When he sees the soccer-loving student’s phone joker — by the way, his future mother-in-law — he comments on her photo: "This is the prettiest mother-in-law we’ve ever had as a telephone joker", and Saberi is free to add: "and then also single, so … in case someone wants to get in touch".

For 32,000 euros, the compliment maker wants to know who broke a 54-year-old Beatles record in the summer of 2018 by making seven of his songs in the US top 10 at the same time. A) Drake, B) Ariana Grande, C) Ed Sheeran or D) Calvin Harris. Saberi logs in C), but answer A) is correct, Drake. Fortunately, the 25-year-old, who is about to get married, does not drop to 500 euros and goes home with 16,000 euros. According to the likeable Lüneburg resident, he could use the money for his wedding.

Not so easy at all: The restaurant owner Omid Bayat had problems with "Lulli questions". (Source: MG RTL D / Frank Hempel)

"Low-Carb: That can’t work out!"

Omid Bayat, owner of a low-carb restaurant, is a bit clumsy. Immediately post on social media: "Low-Carb: That can’t work out!" Born in Afghanistan, the 33-year-old also talks about the New Year’s Eve customs in his country of birth. There will "danced a lot"who wear men "Traditional costumes with mirrors" and the women "colorful robes". But there are also unpleasant memories, for example of bombs, and it took a long time before Bayat was no longer afraid that things would pop like that in Germany on New Year’s Eve. "This is very bad for many refugees"the moderator comments.

At 8,000 euros, Bayat has used up all the jokers, and the low-carb frotzelers are of course confirmed. But at least 8,000 euros is enough money for many nice carbohydrate dishes.

Where does the name New Year’s Eve come from?

Nice New Year’s Eve question: Do you actually know where the name comes from "New Year’s Eve" derives? Desert son, stable boy, forest man or dairy farmer? Doris Vollkommer, the overhang candidate from the Christmas special, prefers to ask a lady from the audience who knew Latin at school: "Silva" means forest.

Small snack: Doris Vollkommer eats fortune and bad luck cookies with Jauch. (Source: MG RTL D / Frank Hempel)

For the beautiful sum of 125,000 euros, the chimney sweep has to answer the following question: "According to the Federal Environment Agency, what is unsuitable for a child in the first year of life for health reasons? A) honey from the jar, B) vegetables from the freezer, C) porridge from the squeeze bag or D) milk from the bottle. Honey from the jar is correct because it can contain bacteria. The likeable blonde would like to use the money to implement a social project — preferably one like that "Peter Lustig construction trailer"to visit poorer children in the prefabricated district of their city. There is, and rightly so, a lot of applause from the audience.

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The next shipment of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" (Hüttengaudi 2019) comes on January 7th. Until then! Happy New Year!

Sources used:"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? — The New Year’s special" — Broadcast on December 28, 2018

At WWM, everything is dedicated to the carnival this time. The tongues sit looser than usual. This is how people from the audience speak up who don’t even know the correct answer. That’s annoying — and almost pissed off.

Women and Soccer: "Oh, Mr. Jauch!", sighs candidate Roxanne von der Weiden — it’s not that easy. The kindergarten teacher from Mannheim had already easily overcome the 500 euro hurdle last week and is once again taking a seat on the moderator’s popular council chair.

"In the heart of the carnival" On Shrove Monday, at least as far as the difficulty of the questions is concerned, the reins seem to be a little looser. Ms. von der Weiden guesses her way through to the 16,000 euro question, which is: In which school subject do you deal extensively with the semipermeable membrane? Right, in organic classes.

"I’m sure, very sure … BUT …"

The 32,000-euro question also seems to be a lot easier than some 1,000-euro questions. Jauch would like to know who the ex-wife of Mila Kunis’ current husband was once married to. Mila’s husband, actor Ashton Kutcher, was dating Demi Moore, who in turn was married to Bruce Willis — guessing fun for folks following the rainbow press.

It gets funny with the 64,000 euro question, which reads: "Who has taken the lead in the all-time table of the 2nd Bundesliga?" Roxanne, who has a vague idea, uses her telephone joker. His answer: It can only be Greuther Fürth — "i’m sure, very sure … BUT …" The audience laughs heartily and Jauch can’t help but grin. Despite the small uncertain security, the candidate logs the correct answer "Greuther Fuerth" one and can look forward to 64,000 euros.

Candidate Roxanne von der Weiden: She is happy about a nice sum. (Source: Photo: MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorowius)

Phillip Laatsch doesn’t get that far, although the policeman from Haltern am See is with him "all three jokers go to the 16,000 euro number". Laatsch would like to gamble a bit, but has a ban on his wife who wants to buy a new kitchen with the money she has earned.

Which element was discovered in algae in 1811?

The man who once tried to extinguish his burning car with his breakfast tea knows that Paris is not between Coq au Vin and Bouillabaisse, but between Camembert and Brie; the "Fight" but he loses around the 32,000 euro question. The car storyteller had asked the audience especially when it came to the question of which element the French Bernard Courtois discovered in 1811 while examining algae in the North Sea. Was it neon, iodine or maybe fluorine after all?

Annoying when people get up from their seat when they ask "not for sure" can answer. An elderly lady with a boat on her head thinks it is "most likely" about neon, she once did "seen in a movie" and then got under water "so beautifully lit.".

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Of course, uncertainty doesn’t help the candidate. In order not to let his wife’s kitchen wish fall and perhaps to fulfill his dream of a small, modest garage himself, he gets out at 16,000 euros as a precaution. Fortunately, the correct answer would have been iodine.

Sources used:"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" — Broadcast on February 12, 2018

Nanu! Prosecco is ordered from Günther Jauch for the first time, and then even beer. The moderator first has a cocoa brought to him and later approves a blonde himself. Finally a normal WWM episode!

How relaxing: The Friday evening broadcast of "WWM?" This time it’s not a special, but a completely normal episode. The many specials recently gave rise to criticism of the format that is actually so popular.

But these days, nobody who does not avoid cell phones, TVs and laptops can get past the jungle camp. Council master Günther Jauch also invites you to the big one "Jungle gallop". A whole show around "Jungle environment" — if that doesn’t get really bad! But anyone who thinks everything revolves exclusively around questions about the RTL bush format is wrong. Because apart from two introductory questions that only touch the subject of the jungle slightly, the jungle decoration is everything that spills from the Australian continent to Cologne.

Raphael Brecht, the first candidate is so happy to land on Jauch’s council chair that he immediately falls stormily around the moderator’s neck. Jauch visibly perplexed, asks the jittery guy, who has been passionate about doing hair since childhood, whether he has ever seen the show at all.

"Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh, no, no …"

With the 2,000 euro question, the very nervous hairdresser first spends his 50:50 joker in order to then consult the audience. Unfortunately, the performance curve of the cute hairstylist doesn’t get any better with the follow-up questions. Instead of shining with knowledge, the young man, who looks like a boarding school student with bad grades, prefers to hit the moderator after a glass of prosecco, which he actually gets!

With a beer it is much easier to guess: Sophie Müller. (Source: MG RTL D / Frank Hempel)

And that promptly helps him to 16,000 euros. The question is: who sings: "Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh, no, no. Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh, no, no. Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh, no, no. Uh oh, uh oh , uh oh, oh, no, no?" The 22-year-old right: Beyoncé "Crazy in Love". Too cute, as Brecht is happy and swings along, after all, hairdressers usually earn too little anyway. At 16,000 euros, the installments are over. The Munich resident wants the money "go shopping fat" and first one with his friends "Drink Prosecco".

"And satisfied with the water?"

The second candidate, Sophie Müller, who would like to become an interior decorator at IKEA, does not spoil long when it comes to hydration with a rotation. Jauch wants to know: "And satisfied with the water?" Then the student from Darmstadt: "Mmh, beer would be better!" And they both get that too! "Dreams come true here, next, I’ll order a home loan and savings contract"says the quiz master with a twinkling eye.

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 The run of the blonde, who knows that drugs should be made unrecognizable before they end up in the household garbage, ends at 2,000 euros for the time being. We won’t find out what happens to her until the next regular broadcast in five weeks. Before the popular guessing format takes a break, first of all, you guessed it, two more flicker "WWM?"-Specials about the screen.

Sources used:"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"- Episode dated Jan. 11, 201

Part 2 of the illustrious WWM Christmas special. Also means: seal pullers and hard liquor for Jauch. But the Christmas stress is preprogrammed. Can you deny your brother the desire to have a domestic pig?

Sometimes you’re really on the edge. Andreas Segl from Saarbrücken has to think like this or something similar. In the second part of this year’s Christmas special, the man in the smart Christmas sweater is sitting on Jauch’s council chair and cannot begin with the following question. It reads: What is a conjugated verb? A) bust check, B) breast test, C) stem check or D) breast test.

The moderator also has to look very carefully: Such a strange question, "for 500 euros — that’s a cheek!", he says, but then he quickly comes up with the correct answer to a question that sounds as if it occurred to men at the regulars’ table who have already had a few shorts.