Characteristic: Best Pokémon Games Of All Time

What are the ideal Pokémon games? Ranking such awesome games proved far harder than we anticipated, given just how many of them wind up being among the best games of their distinct generation.

We deliberated for several hours here at Nintendo Life Towers to determine the purchase of these turn-based RPG collectathons. We then popped each the advantages and disadvantages and nostalgia into a pot, which makes it a big stirfry, and waited for the end result to reduce into the spicy list you see below.

To be clear, this is merely the mainline entrances — the matches which introduced a new generation of Pokémon into the combination, their sequels, and the ultimate versions of those games. And yes, Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! And Let’s Go, Eevee! Is included; after all, it is a mainline Pokémon game in the exact same sense that each one the remakes are. In case Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, Pokémon Crystal, or Pokémon Omega Ruby along with Alpha Sapphire are fair game for your list, Let’s Move is fair game! You won’t be discovering Pokémon Smile, however.

Thus, read on for where each of those mainline Pokémon matches sit in our rated order, from the good to the very best of the best.

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18. Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (DS)

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl is your first DS entry in the monster-collecting franchise, and it introduced a whole lot of new features. For the first time , you could play on the internet and battle other coaches internationally, or utilize DS Wireless to play locally. Other new features include increasing the times daily from 3 to five, a revamp of their movements platform, and, naturally, a brand new generation of critters.

So far it sounds pretty confident, so why does it sit in the base of this listing? Well, the general gameplay flow wasn’t really changed so much from its predecessors, and also the visuals and audio were somewhat disappointing at that moment. It is still an fantastic game — as most of mainline Pokémon games really are — but the absence of a gameplay shake as well as the underwhelming audio-visual facet did hurt it marginally.


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon suffer with similar problems for Diamond & Pearl. This is an expanded version of the seventh generation Sun and Moon, and contains new story components, Ultra Beasts, and also new types for the Legendary Pokémon Necrozma. Alongside all of this is the capacity to surf, take photographs with your Pokémon, also to amass Totem Stickers.

There are some great new features there which offer more of everything you love from Sun and Moon, but it is not sufficient to bump it over the other mainline Pokémon entrances.

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Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire would be the initial entries in the franchise to grace the Game Boy Advance, also introduced double conflicts, allowing each trainer at a struggle to battle with 2 Pokémon, along with multi battles, which saw two teams of two coaches struggle each other.

Even the Pokémon themselves were also changed a bit, with each species now having inborn abilities like being resistant to specific motions. Each individual Pokémon had a character, which affects the numbers of that Pokémon directly.


Next up is Pokémon X and Y, the initial Pokémon pair for Nintendo 3DS. It introduced the sixth generation of Pokémon, completely 3D visuals for your very first time in a mainline Pokémon match, and enabled you to completely customise your coach’s appearance.

Other exciting new additions include the ability for particular Pokémon to Mega Evolve temporarily into a more effective form, battles that take place in the sky with flying Pokémon, and Horde Encounters, at which you are able to choose five Pokémon in the identical moment.

14. Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition (GB)

You automatically began with Pikachu as your starter Pokémon, that was given a voice and character, and followed around on the overworld map. Over time, your Pikachu would respond to your activities, and its own feelings for you would change. There was likewise a brand new browsing minigame in which you could browse on Pikachu’s backagain.

13. Pokémon: Let’s Move, Pikachu! And Let’s Move, Eevee! (Switch)

We feel like Pokémon: Let’s Move, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee! Does sufficient to beat Yellow, the first attempt to make the greatest variant of Red and Blue, but is not really up to the movie standards of FireRed and LeafGreen. But that’s okay — Let’s Go was designed to help ease in the brand new audience brought in by Pokémon GO to the core matches ahead of the latest entry Pokémon Sword and Shield.

It’s also possible that some of their quality of lifestyle characteristics will make it into future games too, like catch combos, being able to observe the Pokémon you can catch, and perhaps some kind of movement controllers.

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