Does my phone have an IP address

168. one. 93): (The 1656 ports scanned but not revealed under are in point out: shut) PORT Point out Assistance Variation 21/tcp open up ftp HP JetDirect ftpd 23/tcp open up telnet?exe) 631/tcp open up http HP Jetdirect httpd 9100/tcp open jetdirect? Device style: printer|print server Operating: HP embedded OS information: HP LaserJet printer/print server. Nmap completed: 1 IP address (one host up) scanned in a hundred and twenty. 963 seconds Irongeek:There’s one challenge with the very simple command demonstrated higher than. If you are employing a model of Nmap in advance of three. 90 on some community printers it will make rubbish print careers with textual content like:GET / HTTP/1. Options / HTTP/1.

Choices / RTSP/1. on every of the sheets printed, throwing away a great deal of paper. This occurs mainly because as Nmap scans for model detection on port 9100/tcp it sends some of the probe requests from the nmap-services-probes file to figure out what service is running on port 9100/tcp.

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Due to the fact the JetDirect box does not recognize what it is really remaining sent it just prints out the probes and you wind up with a bunch of garbage printed out. The least complicated way to fix this is to upgrade to Nmap 3. 90 or better, but barring that, there is a workaround. A better and quicker solution could be to only probe for typical network printer ports other than 9100 (Notice: You may possibly want to leave off -T insane for stealth/bandwidth explanations):nmap -A -p 21,23,80,280,515,631 192. 168. one. * -T insane. or possibly not use the -A (which is like undertaking a -sV -sO alongside one another) choice at all and just use -sO to detect the OS that’s working, but not ship probes to the ports to locate out the assistance versions are jogging. While we are at it, it could be appealing to operate a UDP scan on the JetDirect box as effectively. rn# nmap -sU 192. 168. 1. *Starting nmap ) at 2005-09-11 06:21 EDT Attention-grabbing ports on 192. 168. 1. 93: (The 1474 ports scanned but not revealed down below are in state: closed) PORT Condition Services 137/udp open up|filtered netbios-ns 161/udp open up|filtered snmp 427/udp open up|filtered svrloc 32768/udp open up|filtered omad MAC Tackle: 00:sixty:B0:6D:47:C6 (Hewlett-packard CO. )Nmap concluded: one IP address (1 host up) scanned in 86. 238 seconds Irongeek:As you can see we uncovered quite a couple ports to seem into.

I am going to go in excess of some of the matters you can do with them in a little bit. By the way, you could discover the NMB port 137/udb is open up, which means you might be able to obtain printers on the LAN by using the NetBIOS title services. By the way, to uncover Ricoh Savins on the network you could use an Nmap command a thing like the pursuing:Irongeek:/# nmap -A 192. 168. one. three -T crazy. Starting nma.

) at 2005-09-09 23:forty nine EDT Fascinating ports on 192. 168. one. three: (The 1656 ports scanned but not proven down below are in point out: closed) PORT State Service Variation 21/tcp open ftp 23/tcp open up telnet? If you know the services/edition, make sure you submit the next fingerprints at http://www. insecure. org/cgi-bin/servicefp-post. cgi : ==============Upcoming Support FINGERPRINT (Post INDIV > . Omitted for safety and place good reasons. MAC Handle: 00:00:seventy four:80:7C:B8 (Ricoh Corporation) Gadget type: common objective Managing: NetBSD OS details: NetBSD 1. 3I via one. six Uptime six. 506 days (due to the fact Sat Sep 3 11:42:37 2005)Nmap completed: one IP handle (1 host up) scanned in 94. 690 seconds Irongeek:/#Notice that the Ricoh Savins have a ton of the similar ports open as the HP JetDirects, but that the the OS is detected as NetBSD (it will even operate on your toaster). Since a lot of community printers answer to SNMP a further fantastic way to locate them is to use an SNMP service scanning resource. Ricoh places out a fantastic tool for obtaining and configuring numerous network printers called SmartDeviceMonitor.

SmartDeviceMonitor seems to miss some network printers that usually are not Savins, but if you use Richo Savin Aficio printers on your network its a good resource for locating and polling them. Foundstone’s SNScan in yet another excellent option:or Softperfect’s NetScan if you turn on the SNMP look for options:

One more 3rd way you could discover network printers (if you are on the identical subnet) is to use Nmap or Cain to do an ARP sweep and look for and boxes with a MAC tackle belonging to Hewlett Packard, Ricoh or an additional printer seller.

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