In the meantime, a large number of customers apparently want to stay with them

In the meantime, a large number of customers apparently want to stay with them

Dedy: "A lot has already been done, but much remains to be done. Cycle superhighways must be expanded so that they offer a real alternative to the car and better connect the cities with the surrounding area."

The ADFC has long been demanding significantly more funds: "Germany has to catch up with more than 30 years of stagnation in the expansion of the bicycle infrastructure — and that is a pretty thick board"says spokeswoman Stephanie Krone. The biggest challenge is that there is a lack of planners specializing in cycling and the corresponding advisory offices. "In the Netherlands and Denmark, the construction of wide, continuous cycle paths and safe crossings has a long tradition, in Germany this is also still new technically."

MORE PROTECTION: More space and more rights for cyclists, stricter rules for cars: cycling should become safer. Only recently did the federal cabinet approve Scheuer’s proposals, which the federal states still have to agree to. So should fines for parking in the "second row", step on sidewalks and bike paths. In addition, there will be entire zones in addition to bicycle roads in the future — a maximum speed limit of 30 is generally permitted there, and bicycle traffic must neither be endangered nor hindered. When turning right, there should be a green arrow that only applies to cyclists.

RAILWAY STATIONS AND TAKE IT WITH YOU IN TRAINS: By bike to the train station, then on by train, or take your bike with you right away — a great idea. However, there is a lack of implementation. On the one hand, there are not enough parking spaces for bicycles at many train stations in large cities. And taking them on trains has so far been difficult. That should get better, the railway wants to expand the offer significantly. In 2025, bicycle parking spaces should also be available on all long-distance routes, albeit not on every train.


Compared to other countries in particular, the judgment of the industry and many experts has so far been sobering. "People in Germany want to cycle more, but the conditions on the streets are often frightening"says ADFC spokeswoman Krone. "We have yet to become a bike-friendly nation." The city conference says: "Germany is a rising country in terms of bicycles." The green transport politician Stefan Gelbhaar is even clearer: "Cycling in Germany is still at wood-class level. This becomes particularly clear when cycling in the Netherlands and Denmark are compared." There is a lot of catching up to do.

In the mammoth process of abused refugees in an emergency shelter in Burbach, the final phase is emerging after around 15 months. The questioning of all police witnesses has been completed, said a spokesman for the Siegen Regional Court on request. Witnesses from among the victims had been summoned until April. Judgments have already been made in 18 cases. In the main trial — originally there were 38 defendants — 13 people are still in the dock. According to the spokesman, seven other defendants must be negotiated separately in separate proceedings.

In the state accommodation in Siegerland, employees are supposed to help refugees in "Problem rooms" tormented and beaten. So far there have been eleven convictions, two suspensions and five acquittals. Two employees of the Arnsberg district government had also been acquitted of the original accusation of deprivation of liberty through failure to act. According to the indictment, they should have known what was going on "Problem rooms" was going on. For lack of evidence, both were acquitted in late 2019.

The former director of the home received a suspended sentence of 15 months. The proceedings against a defendant who had represented him in the home administration had been dropped. The main proceedings had been delayed several times, mainly due to bias requests from the defense. If things move quickly in the coming weeks, the pleadings could probably begin in late spring.

Strange near-accident: a drone weighing around 2 kilograms fell onto a street in Siegen on Tuesday afternoon. According to the police, a driver (36) could "to avoid a collision". As the authority announced on Wednesday, the pilot (31) of the drone received a complaint about dangerous interference in road traffic. The aircraft was confiscated. The police still want to determine why the drone crashed.

In the process of abused refugees in an emergency shelter in Burbach, two employees of the Arnsberg district government were acquitted. A spokesman for the Siegen Regional Court said on Thursday. In the proceedings, which had been going on for over a year, the two men were accused of having been deprived of their liberty through omission. According to the indictment, you should have known that refugees were locked up and mistreated in so-called problem rooms. The two officials had denied it. They were acquitted on Wednesday for lack of evidence, according to the court spokesman. The WDR had reported.

One of the acquitted is still working for the district government, said a spokesman for the authorities. The other had retired due to age. According to the prosecution, they temporarily had their office opposite one of these problem rooms — and thus knowledge of what was going on there. According to the court spokesman, the trial showed that the refugees were mainly brought to these rooms in the evening and at night, i.e. outside the working hours of the two officials. Two witnesses who incriminated the men in the investigation also rowed back in the criminal trial.

Home managers, security guards and social workers are supposed to have refugees in "Problem rooms" tormented and beaten. In the process, which is expected to drag on until summer 2020, 38 people were originally charged. The cases of more than 20 defendants are still to be negotiated. So far there have been ten convictions, three acquittals and two suspensions.

91 kilometers an hour too fast — and not a bit guilty: In North Rhine-Westphalia, the police stopped a 23-year-old fast driver who wanted one thing above all: a better car.

A 23-year-old driver was stopped by the police near Siegen at a speed of 161 km / h. Only 70 kilometers per hour were allowed there. The man was by no means meek, the police reported on Wednesday about the incident last Saturday. "If I had had a Porsche, I would have been even faster"he told the officers. 

Premiere drive in Wusterhausen: Self-driving bus involved in an accident Search in Essen: Man pushed onto the tracks in Essen Hamm: Mass brawl in the parking lot after a relationship dispute

 For the time being, exits will not be possible, the police said. The man gets two points, a fine of 600 euros and a three-month driving ban.

Sources used: dpa news agency

A 50-year-old ran into oncoming traffic in his car in Siegen and suffered fatal injuries in a collision. The man was on a motorway slip road from Siegen in the direction of the Autobahn 45 when he got into the wrong lane on Saturday afternoon and crashed his sports car into an off-road vehicle, as a police spokesman said. An emergency doctor found the man’s death at the scene of the accident. In the other car, a 27-year-old and a two-year-old toddler suffered minor injuries.

As the police announced in the evening, the 50-year-old’s car had previously touched a car driving next to him. As a result, the sports car crashed through the guardrail and got into oncoming traffic.

At the Siegen-Netphen junction, the A45 was initially still fully closed due to the rescue and clean-up work on Saturday evening.

Two people were injured in a tangible argument about and with a man (25) who urinated on a house wall near the Siegen Christmas market. Four people involved in the brawl are being investigated, among other things, for dangerous bodily harm. According to the police, a resident (27) confronted the 25-year-old on Sunday, which led to an argument. A neighbor (27) jumped at the resident. Now two friends — 25 and 32 years old — dived "Wildpinklers" that tore down the local residents. All three stepped on the man. When the neighbor wanted to help him, the trio also attacked her, as a police spokesman said on Monday.

A 29-year-old, who belonged to the clique of perpetrators, interfered and insulted the resident. The thugs escaped but were caught by the police nearby. "Everyone was heavily drunk. You have been provisionally arrested"said the police. The two injured had to be treated in a hospital.

Because the accident recording was too slow for him, a taxi driver went crazy in Siegen and threatened and sexistically insulted three officers. The 42-year-old man wanted, according to the police "speak to the right police", because "Women have no business in this job". In his opinion these belonged "behind the stove to cook", it said in the police announcement. The man also threatened the policewomen. They put up a complaint. It should also now be checked whether the man is even suitable as a taxi driver.

The 42-year-old collided with another car on Monday. According to a police spokesman, the officers stopped recording the accident after two colleagues were called.

The insolvent Dax group Wirecard could soon be smashed: According to the insolvency administrator, there are more than 100 interested parties for parts of the payment provider involved in an accounting scandal.

In the scandal surrounding the payment service provider Wirecard, the insolvency administrator sees progress in the sale of parts of the group. More than 100 prospective buyers have already registered for parts of the global company, said insolvency administrator Michael Jaffe on Tuesday after a meeting of the creditors’ committee.

He wanted to give interested parties a quick look at the books. In the meantime, a large number of customers apparently want to stay with them.

"In the discussions with customers, the majority of them took a constructive stance and expressed great interest in a swift investor solution from the insolvency", announced the liquidator. The process of selling the North American business is the furthest advanced. That’s what the Moelis investment bank is for & Company has been mandated.

Wirecard could also have made losses in its core business

According to a press report, the "Financial Times"how valuable the business units of Wirecard are. Wirecard had to admit in mid-June that funds held in trust accounts for the so-called third-party business in the amount of 1.9 billion euros probably never existed and then applied for bankruptcy.

According to the report of the "Financial Times" Wirecard is said to have incurred losses in its core business for years, which should apparently be concealed with the alleged air bookings in Asia.

Accounting scandal: boss of Wirecard subsidiary arrested Accounting scandal: five Wirecard subsidiaries are bankrupt "Suspicious transactions": Epstein case: Deutsche Bank has to pay 150 million

The public prosecutor’s office is now investigating for fraudulent accounting and fraud. Jaffe has already stated that he expects the Dax group to be broken up.

Sources used: news agencies Reuters and dpa

Serious accident in Lower Saxony: a car collides with a wolf on a federal highway. The 76-year-old driver dies. The animal does not survive either.

Fox, raccoon and co .: Wild animals in Germany

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When a car collided with a wolf in Lower Saxony, both the 76-year-old driver and the animal were killed. As the police in Hanover announced, the accident occurred late on Sunday evening on federal highway 6 between Frielingen and Neustadt-Bordenau.

Serious accident at Villmar: Motorcyclist collides with telephone pole and dies. Shots on tires: Woman pulls out pistol and breaks police barriers During a walk in the woods: What to do if you meet a wolf

After the collision with the wolf, the small car hit a tree and overturned. The driver died at the scene of the accident. The officers are now determining how exactly the accident came about. According to the police, a wolf officer from the Hanover region found that the animal was a young wolf.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Tokyo (AP) — To the cheers of tens of thousands of people, Japan’s new Emperor Naruhito and his wife Empress Masako showed themselves to the people on Sunday at a parade through Tokyo.

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The monarch in tails and his wife, dressed in a light dress with a crown, waved smilingly at the people waving red and white flags from the raised back seat of their luxurious convertible. The journey in the black luxury car under a bright blue sky led from the palace over a 4.6 kilometer route to the imperial residence in the Akasaka district. Naruhito (59) and Masako (55) are still living there until the Imperial Palace is rebuilt for them.

The parade was actually planned for October 22nd after a ceremony to enthrone the emperor, in which around 2000 guests from home and abroad — including Germany’s Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Büdenbender — took part. But out of consideration for the victims of a devastating typhoon catastrophe with dozens of deaths, it was postponed.


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The imperial column of about 50 black sedans and motorcycles stretched over 400 meters.