It should therefore be placed in front of the other glasses

It should therefore be placed in front of the other glasses

This is what the manufacturer calls Moon Meadow.

Serax also relies on the dark for its novelty: Passe-partout by Vincent Van Duysen is a series that plays with the contrast of black and white pieces. Not black, but dark green is the new color of Thomas’ Sunny Day set.

Villeroy & With the new Manufacture Rock decor line, Boch is bringing out a primarily dark service. The designers took inspiration from slate for the rough structures. In the Rock Desert variant, the pieces also have a fine dot pattern in red and white. The company wants to bring a trend of top gastronomy into domestic kitchens: black dishes.

Trend 2: craftsmanship

In the past season, companies brought out dishes that are reminiscent of handcrafted items from earlier times. This trend has intensified again. It’s not flaws that the pieces have — everything was deliberately designed or accepted during the manufacturing process. In Japan, this aesthetic concept is called Wabi-Sabi.

The style relies on natural materials and subtle, mostly dark colors. Because handicrafts in Japan often deliberately incorporate small errors, the supposed flaw is part of the perfect end product. The porcelain manufacturers implement the principle in different ways.

The pieces from the new Nature series from the Thomas brand each have slightly varying color gradients. Each piece was dipped in color by hand, according to Alissa Ritter, manager of the brand at Rosenthal. The edge is also roughened and deliberately given a light patina. The Rosenthal brand itself relies on a specially developed color glaze for the Junto porcelain mold, which creates a special color gradient by hand. In addition, the edge zones are processed with a thinner layer of glaze.

The FCK — OP BETON T X 100 series from Serax has been around since last year. But because the pieces fit so well, the experts at Messe Frankfurt chose them as the trendy products for 2019. Designer Frédérick Gautier was inspired by the structures and brutality of concrete. The edges are rough and angular, and sometimes look like broken edges. Even with Kahla’s second new series, Homestyle, the glaze is never completely uniform.

Trend 3: colorful

Hardly any other tableware set is plain-colored. Many of the new sets, which have handcrafted and handcrafted characteristics, have earthy browns and reds, with blue as a combination color.

Kahla refers to the elements of nature: the shades of Atlantic Blue, Desert Sand and Siena Red for fire and earth as well as water and air can be found in the service, sometimes even in one piece. The colors of the Nature stoneware tableware by Thomas are also named accordingly: sand, water and leaf. Those who don’t create a completely new collection are happy to add individual colors to existing sets every year — all of which can then be combined.

The trendy black pieces are almost always brought to the table in other colors — especially white. And at Villeroy & Bochs Service Manufacture, for example, is where copper-colored elements meet black.

Those who switch to green electricity are not only good for the environment, but also for their wallet: The Stiftung Warentest has found that green tariffs are often cheaper than standard electricity. It also turned out that every third electricity tariff that advertises with eco does not really support the energy transition. These are the test results.

Energy: Green electricity is not just green electricity — what you have to pay attention to A price comparison is worthwhile Partner offer: Save several hundred euros in electricity costs with just a few clicks Reduce costs and save energy: What you should pay attention to when changing tariffs and providers Overview: Even more information and tips on the subject energy

Not all green electricity tariffs also have an environmental benefit. Customers could only be sure that they are supporting the energy transition in 13 of 19 tariffs examined, reports Stiftung Warentest in the February issue of the magazine "test".

Green electricity providers should invest in renewable energies

According to the foundation, real environmental benefits will only arise when the eco-tariff displaces conventional electricity from the market. To this end, electricity providers should promote renewable energies, for example by investing in the construction of new wind turbines. Energy suppliers actually only do this for two thirds of the green electricity tariffs in the test.

Conventional energy suppliers are also involved

Above all, the pure green electricity providers were positively rated by the foundation because they do not sell nuclear or coal electricity. Nevertheless, according to the report, there are also tariffs with conventional energy providers that offer a "very strong" or "strong" show the ecological commitment of the provider. You can recognize really green electricity from eco certificates. We explain which eco certificates you can trust.

Green electricity can be cheaper

For customers who are still in the basic supply, it pays off to change the electricity provider: green electricity is often cheaper. According to "test" For a family with an annual consumption of 4000 kWh of electricity in the basic supply tariff of the local provider, an average of 1046 euros is due, for an eco-tariff with a seal of approval only 1010 euros. In many places you can even save up to 200 euros with the change.

The term "Simmer" basically describes the opposite of "bubbly cooking". There are even special kitchen utensils for this gentle and gentle cooking method with the simmer pot.

Simmering: gentle cooking in water

When simmering, food is cooked in water at temperatures just below the boiling point — 95 degrees Celsius must not be exceeded. In this way, ingredients can be cooked more gently than with normal cooking, which benefits their own taste and, especially with sensitive foods, their shape. Vegetables, in particular, can be prepared very well in this way, because not only the flavors but also the valuable ingredients are better preserved. Correspondingly, chefs prepare vegetable stews or sauces based on vegetables, for example a tomato sauce, often simmering.

Meat, fish, vegetables: Sous-vide cooking: This is how you get the best flavor. Cooking dictionary: Smoking. Cooking dictionary: Boiling. Cooking dictionary: Sous vide (vacuum cooking). Cooking dictionary: watering

Simmer pot as a helpful kitchen utensil

With liquids, there is a subtle difference between simmering and boiling. For this reason, special simmering pots are available in stores to facilitate gentle cooking. The principle here corresponds to that of a water bath. The pot contains a narrow area between the inner and outer walls that is filled with water. Accordingly, the temperature in the pot stays below the boiling point and allows the ingredients to simmer gently. Because boiling over is also not possible here, the simmer pot is also ideal for heating milk, for example.

Wiesbaden (dpa / tmn) — If it is to be really chic at home on special occasions like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, a festive table is a must.

There are many rules for setting the table in restaurants and hotels — some of them are easy to follow at home. For example, in which order the cutlery should be or where the glasses are draped.

Very important: if you want to do it correctly, you should work accurately. Experts therefore recommend that you think about setting the table well in advance of dinner and that you plan in time for the inexperienced — around 45 minutes including the decoration. A few ideas how to easily create a stylish effect:

— Straight instead of round: It’s much easier to set a straight instead of a round table, says Dennis Hubrig, restaurant specialist at the H + Hotel in Niedernhausen near Wiesbaden. The chairs are each directly opposite, so there is also a set. At a round table for six or more people, on the other hand, a sense of proportion is required so that a harmonious-looking table setting is created. So that it doesn’t get too tight at the table, he advises: The distance from the fork to the knife of the person sitting next to you should be at least 40 centimeters. 

— Covering in color: The setting of the table starts with the tablecloth. "The color of the tablecloth depends on which dishes are used", explains Domogoj Grabar, restaurant manager at Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt. With light-colored dishes, a cloth in the color white looks too uniform, in this case the tablecloth should bring color into play. Colorful tableware, on the other hand, sets nice accents on white fabric.

— The little finger: "When setting the dishes, the first thing to do is to put the underplate"explains restaurant specialist Hubrig. They are placed in front of the center of the chair, at a distance of one little finger from the edge of the table.

— The EC card rule: This rule is for those who want to be very specific on special occasions. The cutlery for the main course is placed to the right and left of the plate, next to it is the cutlery for the starter. So the guest can use it from the outside in. "The distance should be such that you can still swipe an EC card that has been set up", advises Hubrig.

Grabar recommends staggering the forks. If there are three, the two outer ends of the handle are at the same height as the underplate. The middle fork is placed a little higher. It looks like a textbook if the lower end of their prongs is level with the upper prongs of the two outer forks. 

— Orient the wine glasses by the knife: A red wine glass comes over the large knife for the main course, the white wine glass over the starter knife. The water glass is the smallest of them all. It should therefore be placed in front of the other glasses. After all, the guests shouldn’t have to perform any acrobatic exercises to get to the glass. If beer is to be drunk as well, the glass is turned upside down to the right of the wine glasses. 

There should be a maximum of four glasses per guest on the table. Grabar has another trick ready for the champagne glasses. These are in the freezer and are only taken out shortly before the guests arrive. "That looks cool in the true sense of the word."

— The extras: A dessert spoon belongs over the underplate. Then a bread plate is placed in a straight line to the left of the underplate. The associated butter knife is on the right side of the plate, with the cutting edge pointing to the left.

Here, hosts should cater to the special features of the guests, advises Anna Jarosch, head of the German Knigge Council in Frielendorf (Hesse). If someone is left-handed, the cutlery should be turned over — spoons and knives on the left and the forks on the right. However, nothing is changed in the placement of the glasses. 

Napkins, made of fabric, belong on a festive table. These are placed or placed on the presentation plate at the very end. Candles naturally create a nice atmosphere. However, care must be taken here that the candlesticks are not in the way of the guests. The alternative is the lower tea lights, which are only lit shortly before the start of the celebration. 

Important: "When the guests come, everything has to be ready. After all, they should be received in a nice atmosphere"says Grabar. He adds what, in his opinion, is the most important thing for a successful celebration: good-humored hosts. 

Halberstadt (AP) — A man was injured in an explosion in a single-family house in Halberstadt. A police spokeswoman in Halberstadt said a radius of 300 meters around the location of the explosion had been evacuated.

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650 residents are affected. The federal highway 81 was also closed. The spokeswoman reported that chemicals were found on site that are now being examined. The injured man is not in mortal danger.

According to a city spokeswoman, doors and windows on the house were damaged in the explosion shortly after midnight. Other buildings are not affected.

Haan (dpa / tmn) — Beeches are deciduous plants whose brown leaves remain on the branches for a long time even in winter. This makes beeches well suited for garden hedges.

The reason: Due to the dense foliage, they offer good privacy. However, beech trees need a location with constantly slightly moist and at the same time well-drained soil, explains the Association of Horticultural Nurseries in Haan (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Again and again, reports of price increases are making waves among electricity and gas suppliers.