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You are here: Home / Blogger Resources / Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Food Photography A couple tricks and ideas to jumpstart your way to photography stardom… Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Food Photography. I really don’t feel completely worthy to write this article. I’m a little fish plankton at a very large pond. There are food photographers out there that are so much, a lot more gifted than I. People I look around. Individuals who’s photos inspire and inspire me. Like Katie. And Naomi. And Tieghan. And Matt. And Marcus. The list continues on and on. But then I understand, hell, be someone out there, in their own little corner of the interwebs, could possibly-kinda- be quickly forward through the painful mistakes I created cause the camera and fast track their approach into photography stardom. Just do me a favor. If you make it big… take me along for the ride. I’d love to fulfill famous people at swanky parties and things like this. Thanks. I can still recall my early posts…. Confidently holding my point and shoot cam stuck in automatic manner, utilizing the ever-so-romantic orange glow of kitchen overhead lights and the absolutely diffused built in camera flash that created the food glisten ever so slightly. Yes, that is exactly what sarcasm in print looks like. I had been totally an idiot when it came to photography. In fact, you can’t even call what I did pictures. It was food invasion. With a single click of a buttonI immediately took all beauty and life out of what was on the plate. Wait, I will show it to you. Check Beneath the legitimate terribleness (is that a word? ) , and I am quite slowly making progress. Oh my gosh. I can not even. What was I thinking back then? Apparently not much. So if you’re brand new to all of this, you might find my An Intro to Food Photography beneficial. Or boring. Or both. As soon as you live that snooze-fest super duper helpful tutorial, here are the top 10 ways I improved my food photography. If you’ve got one of those built-in flashes onto your camera… I am sorry. It’s useless. In fact, that is the most frequent weapon used so as to perpetrate food murder. If we were playing Clue, it would sound like… Me, in the kitchenwith all the built-in camera flash. Those overhead high-hat lights you’ve turned on in your kitchen. Yea, these are no bueno either. The #1 way to boost your food photography? Find excellent lighting. My spouse and I just moved into a new Home

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